Sam Skelton

My name is Sam Skelton, and I’m a staff writer for Classic Car Weekly. Cars and motoring have always been a part of my life – from my earliest memory to the present day, cars have interested and intrigued me in equal measure. My first love in the world of motoring is British Leyland, and I have contributed to the excellent BL resource AROnline. In recent years, I’ve been responsible for a series of articles on performance tuning for Classic Motoring magazine as well as articles for Practical Classics and Octane. I also spent three years editing Monstro for the Maestro and Montego OC.

In addition to my love of Leyland, I have a keen interest in motoring in general. I pride myself upon my knowledge of the obscure, yet this is not detrimental to my knowledge of the mundane – I’m more excited by Cortinas than Corvettes.

Why “From the Captain’s Chair”? It stems back to my school days, when an old sparring partner likened my long hair, taste for old British tat, and dress sense to that of James May. When it came to signing up on various online forums, the joke came back to me and I chose the username of Captain Slow. Anything I write can thus be said to have come from the hand of ‘the Captain’, and the idea of alluding to the position of authority the Captain’s Chair usually embodies amused me. It doesn’t necessarily make me an authority upon cars – more a man with a lot of opinions and time to write them down. But it’s a memorable title, and one which appealed to me.

The title was first used when I created the blog in July 2009, importing various blog type articles I had written in 2007 and 2008 for the now-defunct The Jensk forum. It has grown and grown since, until in June 2010 I felt the time had come to expand – seperating reviews and feature articles from the comment articles on the blog. In 2011 it became clear that maintaining a seperate site and blog was unfeasible, and as the platforms both were on were flawed a move to the streamlined WordPress system was implemented. What you see today is the result of this – and I hope you enjoy reading it.