Unsung Heroes: Rover 800 Vitesse

In the first of a new series, Sam Skelton focuses on the Rover 800 Vitesse. Rover's forgotten record holder. Name me a fast Rover. Go on. There are a lot to choose from, P6 3500S, SD1 Vitesse, the MG ZT260, the 620ti, the Tomcat Turbo, several rather lairy, fun cars. Now, hands up who first thought "800 Vitesse". Surprising to think that such a good sports saloon has largely been forgotten. The Rover 800. A car driven by your grandad, or if he's of a certain age, your dad. Hardly a cool Read more [...]

Rover 827 Coupé

La Dolce (Ro)Vita A large part of the attraction with any car is how it makes you feel. The way a car looks, the softness or supportiveness of the seats, the materials used inside, they all serve to make a powerful impression upon an interested mind. The Rover 827 Coupé is an excellent example of this. A lot of people don't rate the driving experience - more on that later - but public opinion is almost unanimous in it's praise for the car upon an aesthetic level. Even now as a two decade Read more [...]

Rover 827Si

As regular readers will know, this isn't the first 827 I've reviewed in From The Captain's Chair. I drove a Startins Regency back in October, and liked it a lot. I praised it's light steering, and it's feel of effortlessness. However, at eighteen feet long it was just a smidge too long for me to get a true impression of the car, so when Rich Clements passed me the keys to his 827 Si manual, it would have been rude of me to not try it out. It was also a manual, which made things more interesting - Read more [...]

Startins Regency

Always loved Rover 800s. Indeed, I'm sitting on my hands - after missing out on that Montego last week I have the urge to buy something else as a reflex action - and I've spotted a rather nice Sterling Coupe for £250... That said, I have as yet only driven one 800. And much as I liked it, living in the middle of a housing estate and on a narrow road it wouldn't really be practical for me to have bought that one. It was a MK1 827Si. Right engine, I'm not averse to MK1s, but perhaps the wrong Read more [...]