What defines a premium vehicle in 2013?

Sam Skelton tackles the burning question of what defines a premium car. Defining a premium vehicle used to be easy. Not only was it a product from a well-respected manufacturer of large and prestigious products, but the car itself would tend to be larger and more expensive than the norm. Small executive cars such as BMW’s 3 Series changed all that – they demonstrated that a premium brand can be extended downward with – provided the car met the brand’s core values – little detriment Read more [...]

Unsung Heroes: Jaguar XJ40

Sam Skelton continues his look at the mistakenly maligned motors of yesteryear with the Jaguar XJ40 The Jag that time forgot The Jaguar XJ40 is oft-maligned in the world of classic Jaguars. Despite being technologically advanced and second to none in ride comfort at launch, it's always been seen as the poor man's Jag. The poor relation. The one that wasn't quite 'one of us'. I've attended Jaguar events at which XJ40 drivers have been shunned for their choice of car - and I think the time Read more [...]

Retro Steeds

Rover and Jaguar have always been a well-matched pairing - from the days of the 'S' Type-driving baddie being chased by a succession of police P6s and SD1s, right down to the Rover 800 which in Sterling guise served as a poor man's XJ in the 90s. Both are typically British too - the stereotypical Brit John Steed had both an SD1 and a super XJC in the New Avengers. So it's apt that both marques have created retro saloons in the same field. Sam Skelton compares the two to see which is best. Words: Read more [...]

Jaguar X-Type 2.5SE

Big cat's little cat... I've always been a bit of a Jag man. Maybe it's the lovable spiv image Arfur gave the XJ series, maybe it's the villains in the Sweeney on their way to a blag, maybe it's even the real-ale drinking crossword lover Inspector Morse. But something about owning, driving, or even admiring a Jaguar from afar has always appealed to me. Even the 'pretend' Jag that is an X-Type holds some appeal for me - it looks fairly good from most angles and from countless trips as a passenger Read more [...]