MG6 – what needs to be done

I've been thinking about the MG6 rather a lot recently. In the seven months or so that they've been on sale, I've seen one - from the back seat of a Maestro City X on the M6 just outside Lymm Services en route to a show at Cholmondeley Castle. See? Seeing an MG6 was such a momentous occasion, I can pinpoint exactly where I was. It's safe to assume then that they're not selling - a fact borne out by recent SMMT data, which indicated that during the month of November MG managed to move just seven Read more [...]

MG6 GT TSE 1.8

MG out of the red? The MG6 is the first in a new line of MGs emanating from China's Shanghai Automotive - but it's interesting in another way. This car uses a derivative of the K-series, known as the TCi-Tech, and considerable amounts of the underpinnings are Rover 75. Couple these facts to that badge and the fact that the cars are assembled in Longbridge, and it represents the last of the line for BL, ARG, and MG Rover. As such, it is the swansong for the mainstream British motor industry, Read more [...]

MG Maestro EFi

The Golf GTi will be along in a second... When I was young, a friend of my father's had an MG Maestro EFi. My father thought little of it, spouting his anti-Leyland guff at me in the Rover 800. "Rattly, poorly made, didn't feel THAT quick" and so on and so forth. But I'd read good things of them, and Kevin's Targa Red EFi made a powerful impression. Later in life, through the Maestro and Montego Owners' Club, I encountered many individuals who love their cars, and I was getting itchy feet Read more [...]

Which MG is the Maestro?

Sam Skelton decides to settle the raging debate amongst Maestro fans; Which of the MGs is best? Words: Sam Skelton. Images: Sam Skelton unless credited Group Test: MG1600 vs MG Maestro EFi vs MG Maestro Turbo Introduction As with so many of the best things, the MG Maestro wasn't planned. It just... happened. The several incarnations through which it went are all admired and revered by enthusiasts, but there have been debates since the dawn of time as to which of the MG Maestros was Read more [...]

MG Maestro 1600

Born to perform... Many Austin Maestro enthusiasts will, if asked, tell you that their preferred variant is the MG 1600 - produced only for the first couple of years, until the launch of the EFi. The sound of the induction roar, combined with the standard 'Nicolette' digital dashboard and the interior with overtones of red, make it certainly the most sporting model in the range as far as looks go. The Turbo may have the lairy bodykit, but inside it's not as special as a 1600. As it happens, Read more [...]