Rover 213SE

The Bucket Residence, Hyacinth speaking... I have to confess, I've not really got a huge soft spot for the SD3 series Rover. It's a bit...Honda to really excite me, and whilst I'd not be averse to a Vanden Plas EFi I would far rather own a Maestro or Montego. The SD3 has an image problem - the MG versions of the Maestro and Montego have made them acceptable in classic circles with the passage of time, and the youth element of the club scene is particularly vibrant. But the SD3 has always been Read more [...]

Jaguar X-Type 2.5SE

Big cat's little cat... I've always been a bit of a Jag man. Maybe it's the lovable spiv image Arfur gave the XJ series, maybe it's the villains in the Sweeney on their way to a blag, maybe it's even the real-ale drinking crossword lover Inspector Morse. But something about owning, driving, or even admiring a Jaguar from afar has always appealed to me. Even the 'pretend' Jag that is an X-Type holds some appeal for me - it looks fairly good from most angles and from countless trips as a passenger Read more [...]

Rover 75 2.5 Connoisseur SE

My good friend Jon Sellars offered me a spin, back in November, in his XJR. Like me, he's a BL man with a fondness for Jaguars, and like me, he's young enough to defy the 'old man' image. However, unlike me, he's of sufficient age to be able to insure pretty much what he wants. At the time, the Jag was back at his home and we were in Birmingham at the NEC, but he offered to let me have a spin next time he, the car, and I were in one place. I met up with him at the Pride of Longbridge rally last Read more [...]