Further thoughts on the concept of premium.

"A premium car is tricky," said motoring broadcaster Steve Berry when we asked exactly what might define a premium car. "I suppose it's very different from saying a car is a classic. For instance I would say that Giugaro's design and its innovative manufacture for the original Fiat Panda qualifies it as a classic but its certainly not a premium car." And he's right. Whilst design plays a part, some of the most innovative designs have steered well clear of the P-word. Take a look at the Mini for Read more [...]

Premium cars: An analysis

The future of the premium car is in doubt. Or at least, the definition of premium is going to change. We can talk about the dealership experience as long as we like. But let’s be honest, in years to come that won’t be relevant. The original article raises an intriguing point; alluding to younger professionals’ apathy towards car ownership. A core brand design philosophy is a wise move for companies seeking to maintain a distinctive appeal, but will become increasingly irrelevant in a Read more [...]

What defines a premium vehicle in 2013?

Sam Skelton tackles the burning question of what defines a premium car. Defining a premium vehicle used to be easy. Not only was it a product from a well-respected manufacturer of large and prestigious products, but the car itself would tend to be larger and more expensive than the norm. Small executive cars such as BMW’s 3 Series changed all that – they demonstrated that a premium brand can be extended downward with – provided the car met the brand’s core values – little detriment Read more [...]